• Feb. 6, 2017

Centralia School District Schedules Project Labor Agreement Vote Without Information

On February 8, the board of trustees for Centralia School District (Buena Park, in Orange County) is scheduled to vote on negotiating a Project Labor Agreement for future construction funded by proceeds from a $49 million bond measure approved by 72% of voters on November 8, 2016. It didn't take very long for the unions to move in on that money!

It appears the board has not discussed this proposal at earlier meetings. The Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction emailed the board on February 6 asking them to hear all perspectives on equal footing before voting. Here's the message:

Centralia School District Trustees,

Wednesday you will be voting on a discriminatory Project Labor Agreement (PLA) having NOT given PLA opponents equal time to give their perspective on PLAs. These “agreements” are the most divisive and controversial issue facing the construction industry in California. They are pushed by big labor special interests so as to create an uneven bidding field for union-free contractors, workers and apprentices. 

 What we are demanding today is equal time to have our perspective heard on this issue. 

Allowing big labor special interests time to give their perspective but not giving equal time to opponents of PLAs shows a serious lack of judgement on behalf of the board. Regardless of your fidelity to big labor special interests you owe it to the taxpayers of this district to let them know you are voting to reduce the value of your bond by millions of dollars.

Below and attached is a variety of information about PLAs in the meantime.  I hope to hear from you soon regarding our demand for equal time on this issue.

Eric Christen

Executive Director

Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction


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