• July 21, 2020

The Long-Expected Day Is Here: Costa Mesa City Council Votes to Give Unions Control of Construction Contracts

It was obvious ten years ago that a new force was rising in the City of Costa Mesa, in Orange County, California.

Difficult fiscal circumstances that would have ordinarily resulted in appropriate spending restraints instead provoked an "Occupy" movement that packed city council meetings and made public business and personal life miserable for city council members in 2011 and 2012.

As so often happens in California, the radicals of yesterday become the people in charge today. Now the champions of this Occupy movement occupy the seats of the city council. And tonight (July 21, 2020) they will vote to require construction companies to sign a Project Labor Agreement with unions as a condition of working on city construction contracts.

The meeting agenda item is NB-6: Community Workforce Agreement


• Staff requests City Council Agreement (CWA) for a five-year term between the City of Costa Mesa (City) and the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council (Trades Council) (Attachment 1); and

• If approved, authorize the City Manager or designee to execute the agreement and accept any minor modifications to the agreement during the CWA term.


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