• Jan. 7, 2019

Project Labor Agreement Threat Grows at Mt. San Antonio Community College District

On Wednesday, January 9, the elected board of the Mt. San Antonio Community College District (in Los Angeles County) will yet again discuss requiring its construction contractors to sign a Project Labor Agreement (aka "Community Workforce Agreement") with the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council.

The board had discussed a Project Labor Agreement at their October 10, 2018 meeting and its March 8, 2017 meeting.

The problem at this community college district is that construction workers in the community are working on college construction projects but have chosen not to be represented by a union. The college is now borrowing money for construction by selling bonds, and the unions are getting impatient. They want control of the work, and the politicians need to give it to them.

In December 2018, union representatives met with college administrators and provided them with a copy of their "Community Workforce Agreement for Capital Construction and Major Renovation Projects” that they want the board to approve.

Here are excerpts from the staff report:

Community Workforce Agreement Discussion 

Prepared by:  Bill Scroggins


The use of Community Workforce Agreements for campus construction was a Discussion Item on the Agenda at the October 10, 2018, Board of Trustees Meeting.  At the request of the Board, further discussion occurred with College administration and the Los Angeles and Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council in December 2018 regarding the use of Community Workforce Agreements.


At the meeting with College administration, the Building and Construction Trades Council representatives presented a proposed Community Workforce Agreement for Capital Construction and Major Renovation Projects.  The proposed agreement was provided to the Board's legal counsel, Liebert, Cassidy, Whitmore for legal opinion and comment.  After their review of the College's Board Policies, Draft Educational and Facilities Master Plan, and 5-Year Capital Construction Plan, a Memo recommendation was received by the College.  After review of legal counsel's advice, the Board will discuss and provide additional direction to College administration on Community Workforce Agreements.

See the agenda item at Community Workforce Agreement Discussion - January 9, 2019.


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