• Feb. 7, 2020

Santa Rosa Junior College Resists Handing Over Records About Project Labor Agreement Performance (Because They Didn't Maintain Any Records?)

From: Eric Christen, Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction
Subject: Regarding your failure to respond to our Public Records Act request for Santa Rosa Junior College PLA information.
Date: February 7, 2020 at 11:09:19 AM PST
To: Board of Trustees, Santa Rosa Junior College
Cc: Various Community Leaders and News Media


Our PRA, submitted almost 4 months ago (a response was due within 10 days) has still not been fulfilled. While I’m quite positive it’s because the records on “local hire” et al were not being kept (unions tend to forget about such things once they get their monopoly agreements) you nevertheless are obligated to make them public. That said, your legal counsel sent me the email below THREE WEEKS AGO and has still not sent any information despite promising it a week later.

Again, this is not how competent educational institutions are run.

Also be advised that just making numbers and statistics up will not be in your best interests. We will be going through the data with a fine tooth comb.

Eric Christen
Executive Director 
Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction

From: Erin Stagg 
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2020 4:12 PM
To: Eric Christen, Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction
Subject: Following up re Public Records Request to Sonoma County Junior College District

Mr. Christen,

I am writing regarding your November 12, 2019 Public Records Act Request to Sonoma County Junior College District and in follow-up to my December 6, 2019 correspondence.

As I indicated previously, the District is attempting, in good faith, to respond and has been searching for identifiable records sought in your request. We continue to welcome the opportunity to work with you to clarify and narrow the requests that do not seek identifiable records. In my December 6, 2019 letter, we had anticipated having an initial batch of records ready to provide today, however, the search for and review of the records to determine whether there are any privileged or exempt records is taking longer than initially anticipated.

We aim to have the first batch of records available by the end of next week. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss the method of production. I am leaving for the day and our office is closed on Monday, however, I will be in the office and generally available from Tuesday of next week forward.

Thank you,  

Erin E. Stagg
Associate General Counsel
School and College Legal Services of California
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