• May 23, 2018

Sneaky Plot at Elk Grove City Council for Project Labor Agreement on Construction Contracts: We Caught It

Tonight (May 23, 2018) the Elk Grove City Council will discuss "Workforce Development, Apprenticeship Programs, Wages on Public Projects, and Related Topics."  Although that's what tonight's meeting agenda says, in reality the topic is "Project Labor Agreements," or what Mayor Steve Ly calls "Community Workforce Agreements."

Mayor Ly and union officials apparently thought they could slip this one by the public, the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction, and other city council members by disguising the plot. Wrong!

For more information about this proposed Project Labor Agreement for future construction contracts in Elk Grove, see this Elk Grove News commentary: Did Political Ambition Inspire a Sneaky Proposed Union Monopoly on Elk Grove Construction?

Email Sent to Elk Grove City Council - May 23, 2018

Dear Elk Grove City Council,

After watching your last city council meeting (see below) and the Mayor’s request to have the issue of a “Community Workforce Agreement” discussed, I was left with three questions:

1. Why was tonight’s agenda item (see attached) not titled “Community Workforce Agreement”?

2. Why was that term instead of the term he has previously used, that being “Project Labor Agreement”?

3. Per the Mayor’s request to have staff reach out to community and industry stakeholders in the lead up to this discussion tonight, who did staff reach out to?

Thank you for your response. Here is some perspective and background on this most controversial of issues:

Did Political Ambition Inspire a Sneaky Proposed Union Monopoly on Elk Grove Construction Contracts?

Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly Proposes Expanded PLA's, Apprentice Program (YouTube Video)

Best regards,

Eric Christen

Executive Director

Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction


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