• April 23, 2019

Stockton Unified School District Board Votes on Project Labor Agreement

Tonight (April 23, 2019), the Stockton Unified School District elected board of trustees votes on whether to negotiate a Project Labor Agreement with unions that construction companies must sign to work on future district contracts.

The Stockton City Council voted in 2016 to impose a Project Labor Agreement mandate on city contracts over $1 million. It has ignored subsequent observations from the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction about bidding performance on city contracts (including contractors from Missouri bidding on projects).

Several medium-sized general contractors based in the City of Stockton do not employ a unionized workforce. For many years these contractors have been thriving and winning many public works contracts in San Joaquin County. Obviously there is a union campaign to use the government to eliminate that competition. It's the same campaign happening in places such as Santa Barbara.

All the unions need is a majority of votes from elected officials, and the campaign is successful.

The agenda item is here: Board Consideration of Adopting a Project Labor Agreement with the San Joaquin Building and Trades Counsel (sic) and Local Unions.


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