• April 15, 2019

Stockton Unified School District Is Latest Central Valley Local Government to Crave Union Project Labor Agreements

In the 1990s, government-mandated Project Labor Agreements were confined to urban areas of California, generally on billion-dollar massive infrastructure projects.

Now Project Labor Agreements are popping up far away from the coastal cities, including Central Valley local governments such as the City of Stockton, the City of Fresno, and even the City of Selma.

It was only a matter of time before the Stockton Unified School District decided to join the parade of California governments that have concluded their construction contracts should include a requirement for workers to pay dues and fees to a labor union.

On April 16, the school board will vote on adopting a Project Labor Agreement with the San Joaquin County Building and Trades Counsel (sic) and local unions. It's unclear where this idea came from, but the staff report says union officials provided the district with a draft Project Labor Agreement to adopt. See the agenda item here: Board Consideration of Adopting a Project Labor Agreement with the San Joaquin Building and Trades Counsel (sic) and Local Unions.

Axiom: behind every proposal for a Project Labor Agreement is an ambitious politician dreaming of higher office. We'll find out on Tuesday, April 16 which school board member is eager to please the unions with a Project Labor Agreement.


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