Alliance For A Cleaner Tomorrow

California Alliance For A Cleaner Tomorrow, Inc. (CACTI)

The California Alliance for a Cleaner Tomorrow (CACTI) is a coalition of contractors and industry professionals who wish to ensure a strong economy in partnership with protecting the state's air, land, and water. We are committed to assisting developers and public agencies in bringing forward the most energy efficient and environmentally sensitive projects free of special interest interference.

CACTI was created in the fall of 2005 by concerned contractors who witnessed the abuse at the hands of the labor unions. These unions would take advantage of environmental regulation in order to gain a monopoly over a project's construction through the use of a Project Labor Agreement (PLA). Unfortunately this has led to 85% of the workforce - who are non-union - being denied the ability to work on these projects, while also costing the developer and taxpayers more money due to the long and extensive litigation process. ACT strives to protect all workers with respect to the environmental conditions they must work in, regardless of their union affiliation.


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