Project Labor Agreements

What Is A Project Labor Agreement?

A Project Labor Agreement is a kickback scheme imposed on either developers or on municipal agencies by labor union lobbyists to ensure that companies with union ties can receive special advantages on contracts. PLAs end competitive bidding and deny the majority of California's workforce the ability to work on certain projects free of coercion.

The following list contains just a few of the consequences a PLA has on a project:

  1. Taxpayers end up paying more than they have to for public projects
  2. Rather than spending money on schools, roads and public safety, taxpayer money is spent for higher construction costs
  3. Lobbyists for Big Labor and other special interest groups corrupt local government processes to force these mandates on construction projects.
  4. Deny approximately 85% of California's construction workers the opportunity to work on these projects without having to first agree to pay union dues and into union benefit plans they will never benefit from.


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