History of the CFEC

The History of Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction

In May 1998 a group of concerned contractors came together in Sacramento California to discuss a growing threat that put at risk the livelihoods of tens of thousands of construction workers and billions of taxpayer dollars. The threat was Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) which had begun to be placed onto more and more construction projects. Out of this meeting was born the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction (CFEC). CFEC is a coalition of concerned contractors (union and merit shop), associations, businesses, and taxpayers who are dedicated to free and open markets and opposed to union-only PLAs; along with abusive, discriminatory tactics used to achieve PLAs such as “greenmail."

CFEC is a frontline regional promoter for policies that promote open competition and fairness in the construction industry and works to counter any threat that undermines those principles. CFEC advocates equal opportunity for all construction workers – whether union or non-union.

Spearheading open competition campaigns and promoting fair employment legislation and directives throughout the state, CFEC maintains a presence throughout California, with offices in San Diego and Sacramento.

CFEC’s activities to date have kept over $5 billion in construction projects across California open for all to work on.


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